Luxembourg Ville


Saturday 18 November 2023

75 €

This hands-on art class focuses on teaching you the basics of hand lettering. Thea will guide you through the basics of typography and shows you techniques and methods to create your own lettering creations.

In this creative and hands-on learning experience, participants explore the art of creating beautiful and expressive hand-drawn letterings.

These workshops are ideal for individuals interested in enhancing their abilities in lettering and typography, which will help you enter a space for artistic self-expression and skill development.

👋 Welcome and Introductions: Meet Thea, founder of Die Uschi Creates, as well as the other participants. Have a look at lettering creations and receive your lettering kit.

🖌️Overview & explanation of the materials provided for this lettering class. Every participant will receive a Lettering kit with a lettering guide that will be used during the class, 3 different brush pens and a liner.

🎨Step-by-step guidance to learn the basics of hand lettering and finishing the class with making your lettering creation. You can practice with a template provided or let your imagination run wild.

🤲Creation time! Participants create their own lettering using the provided materials.

Thea Die Uschi

Thea always had at heart to create personalized card for friends and family on any occasion. Being interested into modern hand lettering and watercolor, she created her Instagram to share her creations with others. That’s when lot of positive feedback, card and printing request arrived too. Hence Die Uschi Creates was born in 2020.

In her own words:”With all this feedback I have also decided to share my knowledge and show that everyone is able to create their own art piece by giving workshops. I have done a lot of online classes myself, but what do you do if you have that one specific question no one is covering? That specific problem that occurs all the time? I want my workshops to be a creative, interactive fun afternoons for the participants, learning a new skill that they can easily continue practicing at home.”

“With dieUschiCreates I want to put a smile on people’s faces when receiving a card. Sending cards has become quite old-fashioned- but who doesn’t like to receive a birthday card from a friend?”

The Holistic Corner 39 Val St André L-1128 Luxembourg

10 min. walks from Luxembourg Ville train station

Bus stop :
Luxembourg, Centre Hospitalier

Parking BePark Strassen


Host speaks English & German

16 years old minimum

For a private booking, please email us. Contact