Luxembourg Beggen


Tuesday 19 September 2023


Workshop hosted in French (host speaks English)

This workshop is led by our experienced chef Stéphane.

During this hands-on workshop you will be guided to create vegetarian dishes using the freshest ingredients from the TERRA basket of the week.

You’ll learn valuable cooking tips and techniques as you create delicious dishes, all while enjoying a friendly and welcoming setting. TERRA’s gardens offers you a real getaway from the city.

Whether you’re a seasoned cook or just starting out, our workshop is the perfect opportunity to learn new recipes, meet new people, and enjoy an unpublished culinary experience. Workshop offers participants the chance to come together and create a tasty meal in a warm and welcoming atmosphere. The focus is not just on the food, but also on the experience of cooking and sharing it with others.

Don’t miss out on this unique and delicious workshop!

👨‍🍳 Welcome and Introductions: Meet and greet the chef, as well as the other participants..

👀 The chef will provide an overview of the workshop, including the focus on vegetarian and vegetable-based dishes, as well as the use of the TERRA basket of the week.

🍅 With the chef’s guidance, participants will prepare small vegetarian dishes. Learn how to select and prepare vegetables, experiment with different flavor combinations, and master techniques for cooking and presentation.

🍴Tasting and Feedback: Sit down together and enjoy the fruits of your labor! The chef will answer any questions about cooking techniques or recipes, and participants are encouraged to share their own tips and experiences in the kitchen : sharing is caring !


Sophie, Marko & Pit founded TERRA (Transition and Education for a Resilient and Regenerative Agriculture) in 2014. The first Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) of Luxembourg !

Their mission is to practice and promote a 100% natural and regenerative agriculture that contributes to biodiversity rather than destroying it. The producer and consumer, in this case, the TERRA team and the TERRA members know and trust each other and are on a shared adventure every season. By eliminating intermediaries such as wholesalers and supermarkets, TERRA tries to create a new social cohesion around our most basic need: feeding ourselves.

The team has grown to include Christiane as a gardener as well as apprentices who learn to become vegetable gardeners. Together they grow a wide range of vegetables for the 230 members of their CSA. To become a member and receive your weekly share of the harvest, check out

You will be amazed by the beauty of the TERRA garden that lies in a traditional orchard just a few minutes outside the city center. TERRA will give you the opportunity to dive into permaculture, seasonal cooking and regenerative gardening in an independent and authentic setting (volunteering opportunities available).

📷 pictures by Michèle Conrad Betz

Rue Eicherfeld L-1462 Luxembourg | Follow road sign ‘TERRA S.C.’ when you reach Eicherfeld

Bus 4 stop Weimerskirch, Laval’s Park | Bus 10 stop Eich, Eecher Plaz | Very steep 10 min. walk up through the woods (caution: slippery on wet days!)


Host speaks English, Luxembourgish and French

15 years old minimum