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• Sunday 08th of October at Foundry (Hollerich), 38 Rte d’Esch, 1470 Luxembourg

• Open to public: 10h30-18h00

• Closing doors at 18h00: dismantling + connecting session (finger food + drink)

• Food truck outside during lunch time (Taza in Lux – traditional Syrian dishes) + Foundry bar open all day

• Artisan Hub will be with us!

Artisan HUB


Until the 21st of September

Fee includes: your table (210cmx75cm) + 2 chairs, welcome beverage & patries, finger food and a drink once we close the door to the public to “network & sympathize” 😊

Please download the contract below and return it signed to [email protected]


08H30-10H00: Arrivals & set-up ⏰

10H00-10H30: Welcome & Introduction ☕

10H30-18H00: Open Market 🔛

18H00-18H30: Dismantling time 📦

From 18H30: Sharing & Connecting session (close to public) 🍸



Jana Wagner

Artist & creator of Depuzzling + Artisan Hub

Co-Market Organizer

Elise Guerin

Share & Create Founder

[email protected] & 661 430 265

Co-Market Organizer

Thea Van Wuellen

Artist & creator of Die Uschi

Co-Market Organizer

Your table will be 210cmx75cm, you will have two chairs. Please let us know if you need a nearby electrical outlet. 

Yes Foundry will provide WIFI. Please let us know if you need a nearby electrical outlet.

Yes, a food truck will be here during the lunch hours (11h30-14h30). Foundry will also have a bar open the whole day. Please note that you will have a welcome beverage and pastry. There will be finger food and a drink after the market for the networking/connection session. 😊

Doors for creators to come and install their stand will be at 08:30am.

We kindly ask you to be ready for 10:00am for us to have the kick-off/welcome-introduction beverage all together from 10:00-10:30 am.

Parking in the street will be free as it will be a Sunday, easy parking spot to be found on the streets nearby (ex: rue Jean Jaurès, Place de Nancy).

Foundry have a parking that can be use for drop off and pick up during “set up” & “dismantling” hours. One of the organizer will be there to open the barrier for you.

According to contract, you have until the 27th of September to cancel. After that date 50% of your registration fee will be kept by the organizer. Please reach out to [email protected] if you have more questions.

Once the doors will be close to the public, the connecting session is an informal moment to “network” and get to know each other better. By bringing this new concept we are hoping to share the same vision and starting to build a community among creative professionals. A drink and finger food for this “after-work” are included with your registration fee.

Participation is not mandatory but really much appreciated 😊