Irina (right) is a biochemist and passionate about innovation, she always wants to learn more about how the human body works. Having a somewhat quirky personality, Irina begins to miss being locked in an office. Our biochemist dreams of only one thing: to escape this situation. The opportunity to slip away comes when a post-graduate training offers her a trip into the world of nutritherapy, but also and more importantly, meeting Sylvie (left).

A seasoned microbiologist, Sylvie has always been passionate about the natural sciences. After a rhythm of life that no longer resonates with her convictions, she decided to take a new path centered on essential oils and plants. She trained in aromatherapy and explored the benefits of healthy eating. She is looking for effective food supplements without additives to advise, but they are rare. It was then that she met Irina, an experienced formulator. Evidently a new adventure begins.

With Sylvie and Irina, no beating around the bush. They will be able to guide you towards healthy and natural methods that you can apply in your daily life! Share with them their thirst for always learning more!

Darmaxis offers food supplements with zero additives where each product contains only the essentials and nothing else. Their mission is to find the best solution to take care of your microbiota in a simple and effective way. Their commitment: purity, quality and life.


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