Thea always had at heart to create personalized card for friends and family on any occasion. Being interested into modern hand lettering and watercolor, she started Die Uschi Creates in 2020.

In her own words:

“After always creating birthday cards for all my friends, paintings for newborns, and my overall passion for making presents the most personal as possible I have decided to take it all to another level. After already being interested in modern hand lettering and watercolor, I started my Instagram account to share my creations with others.

 After a lot of positive feedback and requests from people, I decided to create cards and prints with my watercolor paintings and lettering to bring a smile to people’s faces. Since then I’m always and anywhere looking for new inspiration to expand my collection of cards and papeterie.

With all this feedback I have also decided to share my knowledge and show that everyone is able to create their own art piece by giving classes. I have done a lot of online classes myself, but what do you do if you have that one specific question no one is covering? That specific problem that occurs all the time? For this, my classes are perfect, next to explaining to you the basics of the techniques we can discuss any issue that you come across when doing watercolor or hand lettering. I’m sharing all the struggles that I had at the beginning and how I overcame those. I want my classes to be a creative, interactive fun afternoons for the participants, learning a new skill that they can easily continue practicing at home.”

Thea Die Uschi

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