Entrepreneur for over 10 years, Geoffroy has revived the family history. From his earliest childhood, he traveled the markets with his father and grandfather to promote the family honey. Geoffroy loves taking on challenges. In 2023, he decided to launch an online honey business thanks to his several years of experience as an engineer in the e-commerce industry, Geoffroy participates in the development of online sales, marketing and innovation strategies related to beekeeping. Geoffroy is determined to become a beekeeper by pursuing beekeeping training and taking care of the apiaries in Luxembourg. 

Beekeeping is unpredictable! You’re dependent of the nature, flower, weather and diseases. You need constant involvement, training and adapt to the situation. With the current climate change and new predators, you need to change the beekeeper’s habit and learn new technique to produce honey and raise colonies. It’s currently a side job and a passion. I have plural-activity to invest in the bee farm, grow the number of apiaries and colonies.

We are often asked how we got started with beekeeping. At Honapi, we have a passion for honey, the environment and the bees. This came from our ancestor and grand-parents. Our dad, Pascal Vigneron, had the chance to make honey since 1970. Pascal Vigneron was able to follow his grand parents at the apiary. At that time, he had to build everything (hive, frame, wax).  The current situation with fraudulent honey and lack of honey production is Europe motivate us (re)start our family bee farm. Geoffroy Vigneron decided to launch honapi.com in 2023 and develop the family bee farm in France and Luxembourg.

Passionate about beekeeping, our goal is to preserve the environment, save bees and improve everyone’s life through the production of natural honey from the treasures of the hive.

Our mission is to:

  • support farmers with our pollination service to produce better food quality
  • contribute to the biodiversity and support companies in their sustainability transition
  • build community and  social connection with beekeeping training and workshop
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