Marie Paule is an accomplished businesswoman who has created and managed several hotels in France. Married with two children, she currently resides in Luxembourg. Over the years, she found that her personal life became increasingly disorganized, with her daily routine spiraling out of control. She spent too much time searching for her belongings and her children’s, missed appointments, dealt with overdue bills, and made duplicate purchases, leaving her with little time for family. The exhaustion of this chaotic lifestyle made it difficult for her to regain control.

Fortunately, the confinement period allowed her to reflect on her home environment. She sought solutions and discovered a method that worked wonders. Drawing from her professional experience in the hospitality industry, the practical lessons taught by her mother and grandmother, and a professional training in home and office organization, Marie Paule transformed her living space. Inspired by her travels to Japan and new readings, she achieved results beyond her expectations, bringing a sense of renewal to her life.

Now, Marie Paule extends her expertise through her company, Eden House. She visits clients to identify organizational issues in their homes or workplaces, offering and implementing storage solutions and new habits to simplify their daily lives. Eden House workshops provide an introduction to home organizing, covering decluttering, office organizing, and home management. Participants learn the causes of household clutter and the steps to take action. With Marie Paule’s tips and tricks, clients gain the tools to make their homes more functional and their lives easier, ultimately creating a happy and serene living environment.

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