Sharing of knowledge and know-how to give the satisfaction of having made an object with one’s own hands. Share a unique moment, find yourself (or discover yourself!) and other people around a passion.

Meet and get to know better the professional creatives in Luxembourg.


Giving free rein to one’s imagination, unleashing everyone’s creativity. Escaping from one’s work & daily life to become the creator we never dared to be!


Doing a workshop in Luxembourg means being part of this magnificent “salad bowl” that Luxembourg represents so well. An atypical multi-cultural society that meets, respects and understands each other.

Share & Create was born from a real desire to create a bridge between professional creatives & participants. A project that aims to build links through creation.

The force of artistic proposal has never been so varied.


Gathering the know-how of Luxembourg’s Artisans

Having fun with creativity

Creating social links through Artisanship