Audrey, our eco-responsible clothing designer (upcycled) joined us and various creative sewing workshops. From repair café (repair your clothes), upcycled accessory creation to beauty kit making (ex: makeup remover cotton, scrunchie, headband) . She teaches you how to give a second life to all kinds of fabrics around the sewing machine.

An Interior Designer by trade, Audrey has always had a creative streak and an interest in aesthetics. It was by taking sewing classes that she further developed her attraction to the world of fashion. In 2020, concerned about the impact of the textile industry on the environment and the working conditions of employees around the world, she decided to work on a new professional project “an eco-responsible and supportive clothing brand”.

Hermana Clothes was created to offer alternative solutions to textile overconsumption.

This ecological value that Audrey highlights through upcycling and in the animation of creative sewing workshops, but also in the production of her own collection, part of which is made in a social integration workshop.

Hermana means “sister” in Spanish and implies that we are all connected by these same values, and the H in brackets, because the collection is exclusively for women.

She already participated at many fashion show such as Luxembourg Fashion Week, Upcycling Fashion Show, and even did a fashion runway in Cloche d’Or.


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