Opened since 2015 Bertrand hosted countless of cooking workshop in his beautiful kitchen (the wall behind him can bear witness to this, see picture). Whether for a team building or a family event he knows how to involve everyone. He started L’Atelier de Cuisine to gather around hospitality food and wines lovers. French chef from Brittany, his cuisine revolves around simplicity, a sense of togetherness, and the pursuit of enjoyment.

For children or adults, Bertrand tailors his recipes and guidelines, ensuring that the explanations are easy for everyone to understand, the tricks are straightforward, and the tools used are the ones commonly found in our everyday kitchens. Bertrand’s philosophy is to make you cook a good quality food that you will easily reproduce at home. He is an approachable and passionate chef that will make you discover heaven in simplicity. “I wake up every morning to make people happy with what they are going to eat” he said.

The atmosphere offers a welcoming and amicable ambiance. The program emphasizes seasonal ingredients, the freshness of the produce, and individual preferences. Each food on the menu is selected carefully by Bertrand since he is doing his groceries himself : always aiming to shop local and organic when he can. Like we would say in french, only “la crème de la crème”.

Bertrand also uses certain rare products from his grocery corner, available of course for takeaway.

Bertrand cooking workshop

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