L’Hermine Flamboyante is the brand name of the glass artist, Aurélie Adam. It finds its source in an artisanal practice by inscribing its work in young contemporary creation. She has a diploma in certified arts and crafts, as a glassblower, art bead-maker, glass decorator (including sculpture and engraving work).

Between traditional know-how and new technologies, artistic craftsmanship is no longer limited to the manual execution of techniques, but is also part of creative reflection and personal sensitivity visible through the creations.

Aurélie’s professional trajectory has always been intertwined with the realms of plastic arts and creativity. Presently, she immerses herself in a realm of sensitivity, drawing inspiration from the natural world and infusing her work with poetic resonance.

Central to Aurélie’s artistic exploration is the interrogation of memory, humanity’s relationship with its surroundings, and the themes of preservation and legacy. Glass, chosen for its paradoxical nature—simultaneously fragile yet resilient, transparent yet capable of revealing the concealed—becomes her medium of choice.

Her artistic expression spans various forms, from intricate drawings and engravings celebrating nature and fauna, to the sculptural dimension of glasswork. Notably, her focus extends to the realm of creative jewelry, where her distinct style finds a unique expression.

Beyond her personal practice, Aurélie extends her expertise as a service provider and artistic speaker, engaging with companies, associations, educational institutions, and individuals alike. As a freelance glass engraver, she collaborates with prestigious perfume and luxury brands, further enriching her diverse artistic portfolio. She has won various distinctions, prizes and competitions, you can find the list on her website.

📷 pictures by Marion Dessard, creation hub 1535°, François Golfier.

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