I am an independent artist in the field of Scrapbooking. It is an art which is used to do “memory keeping”, therefore to create projects which aim to be able to keep them as souvenirs and to document events or simply tour one’s life. Here, photos, as well as collections of paper and stickers are the materials used.

I started scrapbooking in 2016 when my cat died. I wanted to make beautiful pages for him with photos and decorations. After I finished, I started making more pages, I started following other artists on Youtube, I bought collections and I haven’t stopped until today. In the meantime, I have been a member of many scrapbooking Teams, including the largest American scrapbooking brand: American Crafts. That is to say, scrapbooking brands have taken me under contract to promote their products. I have been invited to Scrapbooking events in London, Rome and the USA to give lessons to up to 250 people. I simply love it!

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