Design Market Luxembourg

Design Market at the Design Hub Luxembourg

This market was the (beautiful) ricochet effect.

After organizing the creators market at Foundry last year, Ruth from Ruth Atelier contacted me as she had something similar in mind. She wanted to organize a Design Market with the mission to energize the place and breathe new life into the neighborhood.

Based in the Design Hub Luxembourg, Ruth is one of the 4 residents that are in those pop-up atelier set up for designers by the town. Read more about the Design Hub here.

This first edition of the Design Market was a friendly way to open the doors of the Design Hub & highlight the place made available by the city of Luxembourg.

After few meetings and having everyone on board (including Ville de Luxembourg sponsoring the event 🤩) we decided to go for the 21st of April 2024. This day was not only the World Innovation & Creation Day, but also an auspicious opportunity to promote the innovative spirit that drives our community and to open the ball of markets in Luxembourg.

Weather wise, April is a challenge for an outside market. Despite the cold & having the 4 seasons all in one day (hello Luxembourg), we are happy to say that this first edition was a success! We really had a lot of (brave) visitors, this only confirmed the potential of the Design Hub and the desire for more events like this in the neighborhood.

The vision is to evolve this market into an annual event aimed at promoting creativity & innovation in Luxembourg, thus becoming a pillar of our cultural calendar. This event would not only be a place of commerce, but also a real community catalyst, allowing residents to better know their neighborhood & their neighbors.

This event showed me another level of market organization, and I am incredibly grateful to all the providers who stepped in and made the coordination for the day so smooth. Market days are really where I find my energy. I love gathering so many creative people together and observing them throughout the day. I also love observing the public’s reaction to their art and how they engage with their stands. But this will be the subject of another article.

Design Market Luxembourg

📷 Photos by Navid Razvi for Ville De Luxembourg.


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