Instagram account you need to know

100 Instagram accounts of Creators in Luxembourg you need to know !

Ok, time for you to mark this page in your favorite because when you are looking for a gift 🎁, this page will be your Aladdin’s cave.

As is in our spirit to highlight Luxembourg’s ‘savoir-faire’ we are happy to show you all these amazing creators. You can often meet them in local markets. We will be happy to share the dates of these super cool markets on our socials & newsletter. 📰

We tried to categorize it to make it easier for you but please keep in mind that some of them have multiple areas of expertise and will fall under more than one category. We put a note about our “crush”💘 item, but again, you will see the creator can have different types of products. You definitely need to check out their pages ! 👀

PS : sorry that you are going to get “lost” on Instagram for a few hours now..

PPS: not really sorry because you are going to discover true local gems !

actulpons : 🪨The beautiful symbolic candles with semi-precious stones

deevacandles : 🧘‍♀️Delightful energy of the Ayurvedic Candles

juliamscandles : 🚺The ladies collection

the.smiling.touch : 🤸‍♀️The positive candles

artsavon_ : 💫The astro collection !

ateliervirginieluxembourg : ♻️ candles in recycled beer bottles & Scented tablets : 🍑The booty candle 🙈

wax_and_words_ : 🍸Everybody needs a gin & tonic candle

theomestore : 😍 All the candles, but also the last stripe vase ! 

scentsbysatnam : the🏀candle is way too cool ! Check the new spring collection too !

brin_dabeille : 🐝Look at the beautiful beeswax candles of this beekeeper (and taste her honey!)

lisajunius : 💙the blue goddess & the hair clips

_so_deco_ : 🏺the macramé vase 

uniquecollectiondesign : 🐣 marble effect for egg cups : 😍 the golden storage tray 

betonartbyvero : 🙀now I want concrete everywhere in my houuuse ! From candles to handpaper holder !

resin_art.bylaura : 🌸 the flower coasters : 🕊️the too cute talismans broches

ancestralceramica : 🍣 Ooow the cutest sushi set !

claire.royer.ceramique : 🔝 the fineness of the Folia collection will blow your mind !

less_me_creations : 😍 these amazing terrazzo colors mix !

madebyghigi : 👉cushions, scrunchies, bags.. You have to check out those patterns

_.bylittle._ : 🤩 from kitchen, bathroom, animals & shopping items, you name it !

aerd.lab : 😱 breathtaking 3D printing clay

amo.mandalas : ☁️ the dream catcher mandalas : 🥀thoses dry flower creation in jars !

rainbow_art_by_sandrine : 🌈 because we all need more rainbow in our life

luxeema : 👄the red garnet lips pillow 

makrameebylynn : 💛 the heart macrame coasters

boerky_deco : 🪵the wooden decoration and laser engraving/cutting

kuddelmuddel_luxembourg : 🫶 the cute crochet basket and the adorable dog Frisbee !

roxanneflick : 🔩 the ‘relic of the past’ collection 

knotsanddotsbyjulie : 🤍 the white hanging macramé shelf 

bloom.luxembourg : 🌷 dried flower wall decoration

delia.dettmer : 🫠 the tiny vase & sushi set

art_by_diana_and_julie : 🐚 Oww those beautiful shells in a frame

effka_97 : 💡unique lamps, beautiful wood cube !

vintagehomemore : 🆙the upcycled bedside tables into cat houses ! 🐈

elle_furniture : 😍 the amazing transformation of old furniture

missbakofficiel : 🫧 the solid shampoo

frughy_store : 🧼 the super gentle solid scrub

christineillustrates : 😍 our fav’ Luxembourg buildings

isabellematternstudio : 📓the cute &notebooks

happyfamily_crea : 🌸beautiful & colorful flowers watercolor

die_uschi_creates : 🦖plants or little dino card, I don’t know, it’s cuteness overload ! : 💫 spiritual art for your soul, heart & eyes

depuzzling_art :🐶 she can draw your pet, I repeat, she can draw your pet ! Check her line art !

simone.lazzaretti : 🫶 magnificiant illustration & serigraphie

irinamoons : 👨‍👩‍👧 the ‘Family on demand’ illustration

sleepyraspberries : 🍓The GRANDMAS JAM lino print !

nicedamien : 🖤 the Camilla‘s Dream flower lino print : 🫦 what an artist ! Check her ‘nuances of linsie’ series !

_down_therabbithole : 🤯 amazing “psychedelic” black & white drawings ! 🔲

art.by_ramona : ✏️the Gëlla Fra in the rain  

ane_erezue : ☁️ the dreamy doodles collection 

art_by_jennyrassel : 🤎the “chocolate” tableau !

romina_braojos : 🖼️ amazing fluid art : 🎨magnificiant abstract painting 

_sandraresende : 😍 the recto-verso frame ! Wow !

mi.ku_creations : 🤯 makes resin look like geode

pauline.s_lux : 📿beautiful pearl beads

leoma_creativeatelier : 🤩 the customisable boho style

mahina_designs_luxembourg : 💕 the gorgeous beadwork bracelet

makimbaetmarilou : 🫠the over-cute mini hoops with gemstones 

kodjoux : 🫶 the amazing mix of wood & epoxy

waytogoodday : 🌼 the daisy earring got me, let’s not even talk about the donut hoops … ! 🍩

little_darling_jewelry : 😎 elegant and fierce !

artesana_art_to_love : 😍 so many beautiful gemstones !

bohobloom_design : 💜 the heart ring lilac & all the hoops ! : 🎀check out the spring collection !

romanticoromanticostudios : 🌴 the unique Paradiso Piccolo necklace !

clay.dine : 🤗 the self-love collection

kroon02 : 👸the amazing perl bathing cap

lisas_bits_and_pieces : 🤍 the beautiful white leaf earring

annemarieherckes : 🐶 the cutest corgi brooch : ⚡the colourful statement earrings that brighten up every outfit!

porpora_jwlry : 🙌 Oh the precious jar necklace !

pontem_design : 🌜the beautiful moon necklaces & linen scarfs !

hayloft_crafts : 💍the ring to remember your pet forever 💘

jewelsbykikib : 🦅 the handcarved Amazonite eagle pendant 

unefoislart : 🐩 the cutest dog name tag !

letz_epox : ☁️ the dreamy cloud earrings

mschmit2019 : 💛the golden heart ring : 🌙 the moon & healing crystals earring collection 🙏

missbak_lesbijoux : 📿 magnificient Ivory Coast inspired jewlery 😍

ds_creabags : 👜 the custom-made mini crossbody

wearevoyagers_official : ♻️ the recycled wool hats ! Go sustainable wolf, go ! 🐺

devi.clothes : 🥻the colorful Sunazi blazers from the ‘Love letter’ collection

bellasmanufactory : 🧦 coolest socks, your feet are going to be fine this winter

_crochet.elli : 🌻the sunflower totebag 

l_atelier_de_mc : 👶too cute diaper wipes

lapetitecrea.ture : 😍 Owww the baby kit !

bilu_design : ☁️ the Mobile⭐🌙

baby_sweetness2 : 🐰the little pink rabbit & pacifier clips

mawibears : 🧸falling hard for those bears ! 🫠

lesdoudousdemanon : 🦷 the adorable teething rings

meekand.luxembourg : 🦒the cutest giraff & carrots 🥕

lovelycrafts_bygoodwood : 🪵the pretty name customizable wooden plaque 💕

atelierspatz : 🎭couture creation for kids, makes everything possible ! ⭐

lilous.knots : 🌈 from dog chewing toys to fluffy rainbow, we love it ! 🐩

gobandanas : 🐶 dogs bandana for the coolest dog in town 😎

danacord_and_co : 🪢 most beautiful colored leashes 😻

And because it is hard to think about Instagram without thinking about the “influencers” community we thought that If you want to know more great spots, see great pictures and have a good laugh, you also need to check out these pages:

We have also spotted a lot of talents in our neighboring countries, this will surely be the subject of a future article! 💞

Don’t hesitate to leave a comment to share a creator or a cool tips that you want people to know, get part of this too !

We hope you enjoyed.

Stay tuned ! 📻


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